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Some of my earlier work has involved beginning with an object, such as an antique pocket watch or a Windsor chair, and going on a voyage into color and form. The object reemerges as a result of the process, rather than being the full focus. The simplest of subject matter offers up complex possibilities. My most recent work is a series titled: Dialogues In Color. Inspired by my thesis work, it is both a natural progression and a departure from my more representational work.

I studied at Boston University where I received traditional instruction in the painting department. Following B.U., I accepted an invitation to continue at The School of Visual Arts at Syracuse University, specifically in the illustration program, with additional classes in anatomy and printmaking. I received a degree in Fine arts, and also studied in London, where I exhibited my work.

I completed my graduate work in Art Therapy in 2015. Having a specific and keen interest in the relationship of color to emotion, I made it my thesis topic. Colors hold so much. Rich in symbolism, and wed to attitudes, objects, and special situations, we respond to color with our whole being.

Over the years my work has been commissioned by architects and designers throughout New York, Rhode Island, and Massachusetts. My clients are both corporate and private. My work has been featured in the Guild Source Book of Residential art.